Risk managements

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Risk managements

risk-managementsنام فایل : Risk managements فرمت فایل، ppt تعداد صفحه : ۴۱ صفحه.

بخشی از متن فایل:
 Risk is the ultimate factor ,deciding upon success or failure of a project.
 Risk needs to be covered and needs to be managed to finalize a project successfully.
 Risk needs to be shared between the parties involved.
 Risk is intuitive and familiar to everyone,yet it can be sophisticated and elusive when organisations seek definitions of risk for specific risk management programs.

در این فایل اقدام به معرفی مفهوم مدیریت ریسک و لزوم آن و درنهایت به بررسی مدیریت ریسک در حمل و نقل ( به زبان انگلیسی) شده است.

فهرست مطالب:
1-1-Risk is a Concept
2-1-Risk assessment
3-1-Risk for the implementation system
2-What is risk management?
1-2-Who uses risk management?
2-2-How is risk management used?
3-The basic process steps are :
1-3-Establish the Context
2-3-Identify the risk
3-3-Analyse the risk
4-3-Evluate the risks
5-3-Treat the risks
6-3-Monitor and review
4-Risk management whitin customs
5-Why you should use risk management?
6-Risk evaluation
7-Risk management in transportation
1-7-Overarching observation
2-7-Transportation Vulnerability points
3-7-What is the most dangerous from of transportation?
4-7-Statistics in USA
5-7-Why is this important for us?

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